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Protocase Designer 6.0.27 - September 16th, 2022

Features and Improvements in the latest versions of Designer

  • Fixed issue with Designer sometimes freezing when trying to delete a sub-assembly from the 2D view.
  • Fixed issue with components offset height property not persisting after file load.
  • Added the Hinged-Door tool back from Designer 5.
  • Added Origin Axis Decoration to 3D editor. Can toggle it on & off in Preferences settings.
  • Fixed issue with 2D editor status bar mouse position label referencing the wrong origins.
  • Renamed "Move Face" to "Pan" in 2D editor.
  • Updated "Open File" to accept STEP files for viewing.
  • Other various template & bug fixes.

Note: We recommend you update your version of Protocase Designer to the latest version, to ensure the smoothest experience possible. If you order using a version of Protocase Designer that's older than Protocase Designer 5.0, you will be charged a $70 setup fee, instead of the typical $40 setup fee.

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