Protocase Designer Version 4.6.8 Release Notes-Aug 30,17

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Version 4.6.8 Release Notes

Lock items

Designer now supports the ability to lock objects in the Face Editor to prevent them from being moved, edited or deleted.
The lock function can be used on all types of objects, including:

  • Cutouts
  • Graphics
  • Fasteners
  • Hardware

You can also lock several objects at the same time.

Interface & help

  • Designer's interface is now streamlined with new buttons and tool menus.
  • Context Help & Tool Tips have been added throughout the software to provide additional help and guidance on how to use each feature.

Printing & Silkscreening

Scalable Vector Graphics

  • Designer now supports the ability to import, place and display scalable vector graphic files (.SVG) in addition to bitmap images.
  • All other types of vector graphic files (.AI, .EPS, .DXF, .DWG, or .PDF) can be uploaded and added to your design file, but it will not actually be displayed.


Protocase designer now supports the ability to upload your own fonts. In the Face Editor, click Graphics > Import fonts.

The following fonts have been added:

  • Archer
  • Bank Gothic
  • Britannic Bold
  • CAC Futura Casual Bold
  • Gunblade
  • Gunship
  • Pirulen
  • Prototype
  • Segoe Print
  • Serifa BT
  • Serpentine Com Medium Oblique
  • Sui Generis Free
  • Charter BT Black

New fonts.png

The following fonts have been removed:

  • HandWriting
  • Viking Stencil
  • MarketingScript Shadow

Powdercoat colors

The following powdercoat colors have been added:

  • FS 33446 Desert Tan Smooth Flat Polyester Powder
  • RAL 7040 Window Gray Smooth Glossy Polyester Powder
  • FS 17038 Black Full Gloss Smooth Polyester Powder
  • FS 37038 Flat Black Smooth Flat Polyester Powder (Replaces Proto-Legacy Matte Black)
  • RAL 3020 Traffic Red Glossy Polyester Powder
  • RAL 3005 Wine Red Smooth Glossy Polyester Powder
  • RAL 1003 Signal Yellow Smooth Glossy Polyester Powder

Silkscreen colors

This release of Protocase Designer includes the latest stocked silkscreen color:

  • Pantone 201C, Epoxy Ink


  • The Protocase Designer interface is now compatible with 4K monitors and high-resolution screens.
  • To change your display interface settings, you must click Edit > Preferences and change the Interface Settings - Buttons, Tools & Labels to Standard, Large or Custom.
  • Designer now runs 64 bit on 64 bit windows machines, and 32 on 32 bit windows machines.

Exporting Protocase Designer Files

You can now export your Protocase Designer assembly (.pda) as an IGES file. Click on Export Menu > Export Assembly to IGES.
Note: IGES files exported from Protocase Designer are currently incompatible with SolidWorks, but will be useable with SolidWorks 2018.

Other fixes

  • Problems with screws missing on some small l-shape and u-shape
  • Problem with rear of rear bend rackmount
  • Incorrect calculation of number of silkscreen colors if bitmaps used
  • Correct exclusion zones based on material and thickness

Known issues

We have had reports of issues with Windows 10 and Protocase Designer 4.6. We are investigating these currently and will have solutions as soon as possible.

A few additional problems exist in this version; please see Knowledgebase - Known Issues for details. As they are fixed, they will be recorded on the Knowledgebase - Software Fixes Released page, along with links to the Beta version containing the fixes.