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The following issues might be encountered in the latest release.

Welding Jig Visible

As of version 6.0.6 welding jigs became visible for all users. These welding jigs are intended to only display for Protocase users and are not to be edited. Please update to the latest version ASAP to resolve this. If you had already edited a welding jig in your design, you can use the Transfer feature to transfer the features of the welding jig to the intended parts that should be edited.

Failure To Instant Quote

If you are receiving an error upon instant quoting, please check to see if your company uses a network configured such that your computer accesses the internet through a proxy server, if a proxy is used you can configure Designer to use the proxy settings. See instructions on how to do this below:

Configure Proxy Settings In Designer

Full Enclosure Subassemblies

There is currently a bug where it will prevent you from creating a subassembly from a full enclosure. If you encounter this and require the sub-assembly please contact your account manager or our sales department and we can assist.

WINDOWS - Failure To Launch Designer or Open Templates

There is an issue for some windows users where the install of Protocase Designer may be corrupted, and is missing certain important files. If this is happening use the link below to download an earlier working version of Protocase Designer.

Download Protocase Designer

Cutouts may shift when exported to DXF

There was an issue in limited cases where cutouts shifted when exported to DXF. This has been corrected as of Aug 2nd, 2019, but a small number of orders may have been affected. If you experience this issue, please contact your account manager.

Computer enclosure welding

In the ATX and Mini-ITX templates, both the Has Seam Welds and Has Tack Welds options can be selected. If both are selected, Protocase will perform only the seam welds.

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