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Everything you need to know about adding finishes, silkscreening, and other design details. These topics are for anyone designing an electronic enclosure, whether Protocase Designer or another CAD program is used. Includes comprehensive links to related topics in the wiki and on the Protocase web site.

About Materials

An explanation of materials, finishes, and components supported by Designer and how to include unsupported items in your design.

About Hardware

An overview of screws and other hardware that you can add to an enclosure.

About Finishes

An overview of finishes (powder coating, silkscreening, digital printing, dot peening, and chem film).

About Graphics (Silkscreening and Digital Printing)

Design constraints and tips for achieving best results, with links to all related pages on silkscreening and digital printing.

About Measurements and Fabrication Tolerances

Case size limitations, material thicknesses, and other measurement considerations for your enclosure design.