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We created Protocase Designer to make it fast, easy, and affordable to design your own enclosure from start to finish. At any time along the way, you can get pricing for your design. This can save you weeks compared to dealing with conventional old-school metal shops.



  • Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems
  • Built on Java platform to provide consistent user interface on all platforms

Real-time 3D Modeling

  • Create and manipulate your enclosure in 3D
  • Rotate, pan, and zoom to see every feature on your enclosure

Built-in Enclosure Templates

  • Pre-built enclosure templates to quickly start your enclosure design:
    • 1U Extruded Aluminum Enclosures
    • 2U Extruded Aluminum Enclosures
    • 5-Sided Enclosures (with hinged cover, and without, as well as a version with no welding)
    • Brackets
    • Consolet Enclosures
    • Computer Enclosures
    • Panels
    • Rackmount Enclosures
    • U Shape Enclosures
    • L Shape Enclosures

Easy Enclosure Customization

  • Define basic enclosure parameters including size, thickness, material, and colour
  • Drawing tools to indicate cutouts, exclusion zones, construction lines and more
  • Extensive library of cutouts, graphics, components and more
  • Mounting hardware library for adding hardware such as self-clinching fasteners (PEMs) and handles
  • Finish with powder coating, silkscreening, digital printing, and/or dot peening
  • Full details on materials, hardware, finishes, graphics, and measurements

Instant Quotes and Online Purchasing

  • Instant quote generation directly from application
  • Easy online purchasing of your design

Fast Turnaround

  • Order your enclosure and have it shipped in two or three days for Priority service (two to three weeks for Economy service).

Quality Assured

  • Protocase performs an internal design check on all customer-submitted designs from Protocase Designer. If the design check fails, Protocase will send additional e-drawings to you for corrections or verification. When you select digital print or silkscreen for graphics, this will be reviewed as well. If the Protocase Engineering & Design Services team has any questions about your submitted file, you will be notified via email, otherwise you will receive an "In-Production" email confirming both your job details and the target ship date. If Protocase is also responsible for shipping, you will receive a courier shipping notification email with your tracking number. Please see all terms and conditions here.

Help Resources

  • Great support from the user community and Protocase Technical Support in the online forum
  • Comprehensive user guide and other resources in this wiki
  • Built-in form to send questions directly to Technical Support from Protocase Designer's Help menu