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We strongly recommend that you download the latest version of Protocase Designer to ensure the software is up to date in terms of features and fixes.

Download for free here.
View the latest release notes here.

Protocase Designer® Documentation

Welcome to the Protocase Designer documentation wiki! This wiki provides instructions on how to install, configure, and operate Designer to your best advantage.

You can browse the material using the sidebar (to the left of this screen) or the Contents (below).

To search for information on a specific topic, use the Search button and text field in the upper right of the screen. Use quotation marks around phases.

User Guide


A glossary of terms used at Protocase, Inc., and in Protocase Designer.

Quick Start

How to install Protocase Designer and use it to create, customize, and order your custom electronic enclosure.

3D View Window

An overview of the main interface for viewing the 3D model of your enclosure, which is used for creating, opening, and saving files, and for selecting the face you want to edit.

Face Editor Window

Using the Face Editor to add cutouts, graphics (text and/or images), exclusions, masking, and construction lines.

Cutout Library

Adding custom cutouts, standard fasteners, and mounting hardware from the Cutout Library. This section also includes instructions on importing DXF files.

Instant Quotes and Purchasing

Registering, requesting instant quotes, and purchasing your custom electronic enclosure.

Tutorials and Technical Papers

Technical papers and step-by-step tutorials showing how to design custom enclosures for common applications. This section is for anyone submitting a design, whether Protocase Designer or another CAD program is used.

Tell Me About...

Overviews on graphics (digital print and silkscreening), finishing, and other features; each topic includes links to all related topics in both this wiki and the Protocase website. This section is for anyone submitting a design, whether Protocase Designer or another CAD program is used.

Release Notes

New features and enhancements in each version of Designer.

Get Help


Frequently asked questions about using Protocase Designer and this wiki.




A support forum for users to ask questions, share experiences, report bugs, and check enhancements. Protocase Designer developers monitor and participate in the forum.