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Fixes are documented on this page as they are released in Beta versions after the current General Release, which is Version 5.0. Links to fixes in previous versions are at the bottom of this page.

Links to the latest release

The latest version released is Protocase Designer Version 5.3.28

To begin the download, click the appropriate link below. For installation instructions, please see Installing Designer.

[Mac OSX 10.8+ in DMG format]
[Linux Debian x64]
[Linux amd64]

These releases are maintained for older versions of Mac OSX

[Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7 in ZIP format]
[Mac OSX 10.6 or 10.7 in TAR format]

Fixes released in Version 5.3

Fixes released in December 2020

  • Fixed faces not editable on some computers.
  • Fixed components causing face editors not to open.

Fixes released in October 2020

  • Online library.
  • New component library category
  • Lots of enclosure template fixes.

Fixes released in Version 5.3.12

Fixes released in October 2020

  • Online library.
  • New component library category
  • Lots of enclosure template fixes.

Fixes released in Version 5.2.5

Fixes released in August 2020

  • Draw outlines components on other faces.
  • Improved component import look and feel.
  • Component mating face selection.
  • Fix to mirrored components and sub assembles.
  • Fix to standoff and stud positions.
  • Lots of enclosure template fixes.

Fixes released in Version 5.1.0

Fixes released in June 2020

  • Library Dialog has been redone to make it clearer
  • New Graphics category add to the library.
  • Fastener color now match the sheet metal powder coat color it is inserted in
  • Drag and drop of files

Fixes released in Version 5.0.6

Fixes released in May 2020

  • Added a NEW Component Import feature
  • Computer enclosures now show mother board as a component
  • Added spacers
  • Configuration option to zoom to mouse in 3D

Fixes released in Version 4.9

Fixes released in May 2020

  • Print to Scale feature not working
  • Z Bracket template not loading properly

Fixes released in February 2020

  • Added a NEW Circular Gauge feature
  • Added Design Check for when Standard Cutout from the library have been modified
  • Updated the color of Constructs
  • Updated the Design Check for Digital Printing because of new manufacturing capabilities
  • Updated the bend exclusions sizes
  • Fixed installation messages about Protocase Designer on windows being unsupported or on safe
  • Fixes which increases compatibility with manufacturing
    • Fixed welding
    • Fixed how screws are quoted
    • Fixed the flanges sizes on all templates
    • Fixed many other template issues

Fixes released in Version 4.8

Fixes released in January 2020

  • Fix for some files not loading.

Fixes released in December 2019

  • Design Classification Watermarks (Itar, CCG, other)
  • Fix for certain files not loading.
  • Fix for Consolet missing rear screws.
  • General Step Export Fixes

Fixes released in November 2019

  • 2U Aluminum Extruded Enclosure
  • Ability to change the color of sub-assemblies through the cutout library
  • Default L-Shape and U-Shape flange length adjusts based on thickness.
  • Step Export - Circles now export as circles
  • Handle Fixes - Black handles are now black
  • Handle Fixes - Screws re-import
  • Design Check - Minimum dimension constraint for tumbler finish

Fixes released in October 2019

  • Step export with grouped circles
  • Failing quotes when notes are presents.
  • Linux install file

Fixes released in Sepetember 2019

  • Welding Jig removed from 5-sided enclosure
  • Rubber Feet added to cutout library
  • Rackmount bracket no longer shifts when loaded
  • Remove the exclusion zone around cutouts

Fixes released in July 2019

  • Allow customers to specify how to attach sub assemblies
  • Fix for SVG's not visible in 2D editor
  • Fix for Consolet not showing the front upon loading
  • Fixed installation issue on Ubuntu that caused error when loading main jdesigner class

Fixes released in June 2019

  • Restored Merge functionality that was accidentally removed from 2D editor.
  • Fixed bug where extruded sides did not save properly
  • Fixed issue when registering outside of North America
  • Fixed issue where some older files didn't load properly if they had incompatible PEMs

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