Fixes released in Version 4.5.X

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Fixes released in August 2017

Version 4.5.3-Aug10,17 fixed the following:

  • unable to load past the Splash Screen in some instances

Fixes released in July 2017

Version 4.5.3-Jul26,17 fixed the following:

  • import graphics template assumed silkscreening

Fixes released in March 2017

Version 4.5.3-Mar07,17 fixed the following issues:

  • linux file causes infinite loop when not run in terminal

Fixes released in February 2017

Version 4.5.3-Feb21,17 fixed the following issues:

  • a dxf import issue
  • dialog saying screw finish was bad
  • Mac OSX security upgraded to latest version

Fixes released in October 2016


Version 4.5.3-Oct04,16 fixed the following issues with masking:

  • Masking on cold rolled steel automatically removed the masking instead of just displaying a warning.
  • Masked objects could not be edited in the Properties panel.
  • Masking placed on top of silkscreened graphics covered the graphics instead of the other way around.

Fixes released in May 2016

Corners with 0.0" radii

Version 4.5.3-May06 fixes an issue in which a bracket with a 0.0" corner radius caused Designer to crash. With this release, 0.0" radii are supported.

Tapped holes for connectors

As of Version 4.5.3-May06,16, the USB 3.0 A-A panel connector and USB A-A coupler use tapped holes.

Cutout Library listing

Version 4.5.3-May06,16 fixes an issue in which the Cutout Library displayed items that were not useful for customers. (Known Issue: Admin Hardware is still displayed.)

Fixes released in April 2016

5 Sided Enclosures and Consolets

Version 4.5.3-Apr27,16 fixed an issue in which cutouts in older 5-sided enclosures and consolets changed position when loaded.

Text Kerning

Version 4.5.3-Apr27,16 implemented text kerning, in which spacing is adjusted typographically between characters in proportional fonts. Text in previous designs will be retained without kerning, so that the text layout is not changed without the user being aware of it.


As of Version 4.5.3-Apr11,16, the Help menus for the Face Editor and Cutout Editor contain links to the documentation.

L Shape enclosures

Version 4.5.3-Apr11,16 fixed an issue in which the L Shape enclosure template did not allow room for the seam welds when Has Seam Welds was selected.

Loading older files with PEMs

Version 4.5.3-Apr11,16 fixed an issue in which opening certain older enclosure designs with PEMs did not load the PEMs.

Fixes released in March 2016

Digital printing

Version 4.5.3-Mar03 fixes an issue in which digital printing could be incorrectly applied to a face that had no text or graphics (and included in the quote).

Text size in older files

Version 4.5.3-Mar03 fixes an issue in which, when older (4.2.x) files with text were loaded, the text size was incorrect when first loaded.

PEM nuts for thin enclosures

As of Version 4.5.3-Mar03, a different PEM nut is given to any enclosure (including the U Shape) with thin metal.

Wall mounts in 5-sided enclosures

As of Version 4.5.3-Mar03, the 5-Sided enclosure template defaults to being without wall mounts, and the Has Wall Mounts check box is cleared.

Cutout Editor

Version 4.5.3-Mar03 fixes an issue in which selecting an object in the Cutout Editor selected everything rather than just that object.

Fixes released in February 2016


Version 4.5.3 fixes an issue that prevented PEMs from being displayed on some older enclosure files, and an automated test was added to prevent it from recurring.

U Shape enclosures

With Version 4.5.3, U Shape enclosures are given thinner nuts when the metal demands them.

Cutout Library

  • Version 4.5.3 fixes the issue introduced in Version 4.5 in which, after creating a cutout in the Cutout Library, when you clicked Accept and Close, the cutout appeared to have been deleted.
  • Version 4.5.2 fixes the issue in which hiding non-stock PEMs in the Cutout Library caused several problems (including previews not displaying, cutouts not storing correctly, and PEM dialog problems). These issues were fixed by returning the visibility of the non-stock items. The items will be hidden again in a future release.

Installing on a Mac OSX

Version 4.5.1-Feb16,16 fixes an issue in which installation on a Mac OSX produced an error message that the download was broken.


Version 4.5.1-Feb16,16 fixes the issue in which galvaneal rackmounts with mounting brackets took many minutes to load.

Displaying cutout outlines

In Version 4.5.1-Feb16,16, the option to have the 3D View show or hide outlines for cutouts was added to Preferences.