Fixes released in Version 4.4.9

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Fixes released in February 2016

Rackmount updates

Version 4.4.9-Feb09,16 fixes an issue with older rackmounts that failed to update when loaded in recent versions.

Layers on older enclosures

Version 4.4.9-Feb09,16 fixes an issue in which older enclosures that used layers displayed only the default layer in the Face Editor.

Layers on older enclosures

Version 4.4.9-Feb09,16 fixes an issue in which the Face Editor did not display the bends on older enclosures.

PEMs in the Mini ITX

Version 4.4.9-Feb09,16 fixes an issue in the MINI ITX PEM layout that kept it from being edited after placement.

Digital print design check

Version 4.4.9-Feb09,16 fixes an issue in which the design check for masking with digital print removed any cutouts on the face.

Metal thickness constraints

As of Version 4.4.9-Feb03,16, countersinking metal that is too thin displays a warning, with an image, and when using flathead screws in an enclosure, you cannot continue if the metal is too thin for the countersink.

Angled brackets

Version 4.4.9-Feb03,16 fixes an issue in which the bend profile of an angled bracket displayed in the wrong place.

Fixes released in January 2016

Tiered consolets

  • Version 4.4.9-Jan29,16 fixes an issue that prevented changing the metal type for a Tiered Consolet.
  • As of this same version, screws for the bottoms of consolets are now always flatheads.

Masking and digital printing

Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixes the issue in which the design check did not prevent masking from being on the same face as digital printing (or vice versa).

Preferences pane

Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixed a defect in which, if you set the unit of measure in Preferences to MM or CM and then changed the Grid Size to large values, you could not open the Preferences pane.

Overlapping cutouts

Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixes an issue in which, if you drew cutouts that overlapped, the 3D View or exported DXF displayed strips of metal remaining where they overlapped.

DXF files

Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixes an issue that arose in a recent Beta release that caused errors with DXF files of individual cutouts.


Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixes a defect in which brackets created in Version 4.4.8 would not load.


Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixes a defect in rackmount height limitations, which can now be up to and including 10U.

Enclosure metal type constraints

As of Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16, you cannot create an enclosure with countersinks or PEMs too big for the metal type.

L Shape enclosures

Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16 fixes the depth of the L Shape enclosure. It is now measured from the outside of the front face to the outside of the rear face. If you load an L Shape enclosure that was saved earlier at 5" deep, it will be displayed as more than 5" deep, because it will include the parts gap and thickness of the rear face (panel). This prevents changes to the size of the enclosure.

Preferences dialog

In Version 4.4.9-Jan25,16, the Preferences dialog was reorganized and some obsolete options were removed. The Display Preferences are now grouped at the top, followed by the User Preferences below. In the User Preferences, most of the error response options were grouped into one option that lets you tell Designer to automatically accept or reject the error, or to prompt you to choose what to do. (No new options were added.)

Extruded Aluminum enclosures

Version 4.4.9-Jan11,16 fixes an issue introduced in a recent Beta in which an exception occurred when older extruded aluminum enclosures with the "natural" screw finish were imported into Designer. Note that Protocase does not stock zinc-coated screws for extruded enclosures.


As of Version 4.4.9-Jan11,16, the Cutout Library no longer includes fasteners (nuts, studs, standoffs); they can now be placed only using the Cutout Library and Fasteners > Place Self-Clinching Fasteners command in the Face Editor.

Unit Height for Rackmounts

Version 4.4.9-Jan05,16 fixes an error introduced in an earlier Beta release, in which the Unit Height was displayed in inches even though the input was in "U" units. Note: "U" is a rack unit of measure that describes the height of electronic equipment designed to mount in a 19-inch rack or a 23-inch rack. The 19 inches (482.60 mm) or 23 inches (584.20 mm) dimension reflects the width of the equipment mounting-frame in the rack including the frame; the width of the equipment that can be mounted inside the rack is less. One rack unit is 1.75 inches (44.45 mm) high.

Fixes released in December 2015

Grouped cutouts

Version 4.4.9-Dec21,15 fixed a problem introduced in a recent beta, in which grouping cutouts in the Face Editor and then pressing the Edit tool could cause cutouts to be flipped on the x or y axis.

Editing Enclosure Properties

In Version 4.4.9-Dec14,15, pressing Cancel in the Edit Enclosure Properties dialog takes much less time to close the dialog.

Installing Designer on a Mac OSX Mountain Lion

With Version 4.4.9-Dec09,15, the registration issue was resolved. You no longer receive the erroneous warning that the file is damaged and that you should remove it; instead, you are simply informed that the file was downloaded from the Internet.

Pasting multiple cutouts

Version 4.4.9-Dec07,15 fixes an issue in which selecting and pasting several cutouts at once could cause them to stack on top of each other.

Overlapping cutouts

Version 4.4.9-Dec07,15 fixes the issue in which, when the only cutouts in a part were overlapping, an irrelevant warning was displayed.

Concentric graphics and cutouts

In Version 4.4.9-Dec03, if you place a circular graphic around a circular cutout that is fairly close in size and using the same centerpoint, Designer displays a warning:
Concentric graphic warning.png

Cutout Library

Version 4.4.9-Dec03 fixes the problem in which parsers were displayed in the Cutout Library.

Bracket templates

With Version 4.4.9-Dec03, images are displayed for the Angled Bracket, Angled Offset Bracket, Angled U Bracket, and Triangular Bracket.

3D View

Version 4.4.9 fixes the problem in which PEMs were not displayed in the 3D View.

Zoom and Reset View

Version 4.4.9-Dec03 fixes issues in which the Zoom and Reset View tools were not working properly.

Fixes released in October 2015


Version 4.4.9-Nov23,15 fixes an issue in which a file with countersinks, when loaded into an upgraded version of Designer, caused an irrelevant error message saying that the template would not update.

Design check warning

Version Oct27,15 fixes a problem in which the Design Check warning was displayed, but no errors were listed.

Irrelevant boundary warning

Version Oct 27,15 fixes the issue in which an irrelevant Boundary Warning message was displayed when you started to replace a PEM but then clicked Cancel in the Self Clinching Fastener Selection window.

Adding notes to edited cutouts

Version Oct22,15 fixes the issue with the Cutout Manager in which notes added to edited cutouts were not saved.

Exporting bitmaps

In Version Oct22,15 you can export an image that has been imported to a face.

Digital Printing recommendations, errors, and warnings

  • In Version Oct22,15 digital print is now the default printing method and a valid option for all graphics unless the image is over 46"x46" or is on a bare or grained finish. If you choose silkscreening when digital print is a valid option, Designer will recommend using digital print instead. (If you ignore the recommendation, Designer will not recommend it again for that design file.)
  • In Version Oct 27,15, Designer prevents you from applying digital print to bare metal or a grained finish, and warns you when you apply silkscreening to bare metal.

Fixes released in September 2015

Add/Remove Programs

With Version 4.4.9-Sep24,15, Designer is no longer listed in the Windows Add/Remove Programs list as "Protaces."

Files created in Version 3.0

Some files designed in Protocase Designer Version 3.0, when imported into the current version, flipped some cutouts horizontally on some faces. As of Version 4.4.9-Sep10,15, these files are imported properly.

Fixes released in August 2015

User-placed handles

Version 4.4.9-Aug27,15 fixes problems in which user-placed handles did not load properly, and enclosure designs with such handles could not be updated.


Version 4.4.9-Aug21,15 fixes an issue in which enclosures could not be ordered correctly.

Loading files

Version 4.4.9-Aug21,15 fixes an issue in which a file could not be loaded.


Version 4.4.9-Aug21,15 fixes several issues with PEMs:

  • When you added a PEM, only the hole was displayed, instead of the PEM itself, and if you moved a PEM, it disappeared entirely. When you saved and reloaded the file, PEMs were displayed properly.
  • PEMs were displayed as "assembly: pem" rather than "PEM: partnumber" and were displayed under the Part rather than the Face.

Trim mode

Version 4.4.9-Aug21,15 fixes an issue in which trimming an object and then clicking Accept and Close could cause the trimmed object to disappear. With this release, if you leave a valid outline for the trim, no issues occur. Known limitation: If you leave an invalid outline (in which at least one line segment is not attached at both ends), then after you click Accept and Close you receive a warning that Non-closed cutouts exist, and you are given three options: Continue trimming, Undo, and Accept as is. Currently, these options do not operate correctly. (Continue trimming and Accept as is cause the object to disappear; Undo causes all interior lines in the two objects to appear trimmed in the 3D View, but are still two separate overlaid objects in the Face Editor.)

Part Tree Viewer

Version 4.4.9-Aug17,15 fixes an issue in which, on some computers, the Part Tree did not display in the topmost window, and was obscured by other open windows on the screen.


Version 4.4.9-Aug17,15 fixes an issue in which PEMs in rotated groups could have an incorrect rotation, causing the PEM to be drawn in the wrong location in the 3D view.

Enclosure templates

In previous releases, the OK button at the bottom of the template dialog was not visible on laptop and other small monitors. With Version 4.4.9 -Aug17,15, the button is now visible on any monitor.

Quoting and opening files

Version 4.4.9-Aug17,15 fixes problems in recent beta versions in which some files would not quote and others would not open.

Fixes released in July 2015

Rackmount faceplates

Version 4.4.9-Jul30,15 fixes an issue in which rackmount faceplates could not be used to make a subassembly.


In previous releases, Designer did not produce a quote for a design with 300 cutouts on a face. This was fixed in Version 4.4.9-Jul30,15.

Accept and Close command

Version 4.4.9-Jul28,15 fixes an issue in which, when Designer was run on some versions of Windows, the Accept and Close command did not close the editor window.


In a previous beta release, if you placed a bracket, then saved and reloaded the file, the footprint of the bracket was not displayed in the Face Editor. This has been fixed as of Version 4.4.9-Jul23,15.

Text objects

Prior to version 4.4.9-Jul23,15 the bounding box on text was slightly off. It is now exact, so you can use the Measure tool to align the center of the text box with another object, and you can use the Alignment tools to align the text with other objects.

Replacing screws and PEMs

As of Version 4.4.9-Jul21,15, you can see information on screws, and optionally replace a screw with a PEM (or replace a PEM with another PEM), as follows. (Note that you cannot replace a screw with another screw.)

  1. In the Face Editor, click Edit, then select the screw.
    Note: If the screw is grouped, you must first ungroup it.
  2. In the Properties panel, notice the new Replace... button, which includes the part name of the screw. (Only part of the part name is visible on the button; to read the entire name, hover over the button.)
    SCREW INFO.jpg
  3. To replace the screw with a PEM (or a PEM with another PEM), click the button.

Alternate method: Right-click a screw and choose Properties to review and/or replace the screw with a PEM. The Properties window also lets you edit the Origin(X), Origin(Y), Rotation, and the side of the face that the screw sticks up out of.

Origin in templates

Version 4.4.9-Jul23,15 fixes an issue in which the origin was incorrect in the side panel of the U-Shape enclosure with Cover Mounts template.


Version 4.4.9-Jul21,15 fixes an issue in which brackets placed into a different design did not have any thickness until you saved and reloaded the file.

Measurements not displayed

In a previous Beta release, the Measure tool did not display the measurements, and sometimes did not move an object that it was snapped to. These are fixed in Version 4.4.9-Jul16. In addition, the Measure tool's snap points now include the center and tangent points of arcs.

Grouping objects

Version 4.4.9-Jul16 fixes an issue in which objects inside of an enclosure flipped 180 degrees horizontally when grouped.

Linux .DEB Packages

As of the Version 4.4.9-Jul16 release, the .DEB packages no longer require a permissions change for proper installation.

Origin in brackets

Version 4.4.9-Jul13 fixes an issue in which the origin of a bracket (displayed as red arrows in the 3D View) did not line up properly with the bracket corner if the bracket height was less than 1.5".


In Version 4.4.9-Jul07, masking is properly quoted, and also fixes the issue that arose in an earlier version in which the following warning was not displayed when masking was applied to cold rolled steel.
Masking warning.png


Version 4.4.9-Jul07 fixes an issue in which the Notes Viewer let you edit the Name, Part Number, Manufacturer, and Description fields. These fields, which are for internal use only, are automatically populated with the object specifications. With this release, they can no longer be edited.

Selecting objects

Version 4.4.9-Jul07 fixes an issue in which, if you selected one object, additional objects appeared to be included in the selection.

L-shaped cover mounts

Version 4.4.9-Jul07 fixes an issue in which if you tried to add graphics to the cover mount, Designer would say it protruded.

Face Editor display

With Version Version 4.4.9-Jul07, after you select a face to edit, the Face Editor displays it in the center of the screen.

Language settings

Version 4.4.9-Jul07 fixes an issue in which users with language settings that use a comma instead of a decimal (Romania, Spain, Germany, etc.) had difficulties entering data in some of the fields in the Properties panel.

Folders referenced when using Save As command

When you load a file, Designer remembers the folder that you load it from and uses it as the default folder when you use the Save command. As of Version 4.4.9-Jul07, that folder is also used as the default for the Save As command.

Tapped holes

In Version 4.4.9-Jul07, you are no longer given an option to change the hole size for tapped holes. If the hole size is non-standard in an existing design created in a previous version, then when you load the file, the hole will be resized automatically.

Fixes released in June 2015

Tapped hole cutouts

Version 4.4.9-Jun19 fixes errors that caused incorrectly sized cutouts for tapped holes.

Error with the "Ask a Question" feature

Using the Help > Ask A Question command caused the following authentication error, particularly with Symantec Endpoint Protection. This was an error on the server side that was fixed in June 2015.
Authentication error.jpg

Fixes released in May 2015

Digital Printing vs. Silkscreening

Version 4.4.9-May28 fixes a problem in which, when you updated a file with digital printing specified in it, it changed to silkscreening. With this version, you can fix the file by opening the face that has the graphics, then choose Silkscreen > Convert to Digital Printing and click the Accept button.

Fixes released in March 2015

Error message for "homdir"

Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which, upon launching Designer on some computers, a message about "homedir" was displayed


Grouped objects

Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which the Face Editor did not display grouped objects on some versions.


In Version 4.4.9-Mar23, the option for Removable Front Cover was removed from rackmounts that did not have mounting ears.

Properties context panel

Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which font tools were not fully displayed in the Properties panel.


Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which some enclosures could take a very long time to open.

Special characters

Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which certain special characters such as the degrees symbol were displayed improperly.

Design check crashes Face Editor

Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which the Face Editor became non-responsive after a design check.

Unable to generate a quote

Version 4.4.9-Mar23 fixes an issue in which selecting Instant Quotes and Purchasing > Purchase generated the error message "We are unable to generate a quote for this file. Please send your PDA file to for help."

Double-clicking filename to launch Designer

Version 4.4.9-Mar12 fixes an issue introduced in version 4.4.9-Jan06 in which, if an earlier version of Designer also existed on your system, then opening a Designer file by double-clicking the filename would launch the older version.

Display of 5-sided enclosures

Version 4.4.9-Mar12 fixes an issue in which notes and objects for 5-Sided enclosures were not displayed.

L-shaped enclosures

Version 4.4.9-Mar06 fixes an issue in which previously designed and saved L-shaped enclosures would drop any cutouts that were on the bottom panel.

Fixes released in February 2015

DXF files

With Version 4.4.9-Feb04, the DXF cutout import function has been improved, and layers are now supported.

Fixes released in January 2015


Version 4.4.9-Jan12 fixes an issue in which some colors in bitmaps were not detected for silkscreening if the red and green components were similar to the background but the blue component was not. Also fixed was a defect in which screws added to a design caused a drawing error on silkscreened items.

Fixes released in December 2014


Version 4.4.9-Dec18 fixes an issue in which a rackmount lost any custom cover color set after upgrading to Version 4.4.6.


Version 4.4.9-Dec18 fixes a defect in which the Face Editor displayed brackets flipped on the X axis; brackets with PEMs were not displayed in the Face Editor.

Fixes released in November 2014

Erroneous "HomeDir" message

Version 4.4.9-Nov10 fixes an issue in which you could receive the erroneous message "HomeDir config.ReadConfig(): somedirectory".


If you are using Version 4.3.1, attempting to generate a quote for a design might not produce any result, with no error message displayed. To fix this, upgrade to the latest Version 4.4.9 beta release.