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The following issues might be encountered in the latest release.

2U Extruded Aluminum- Extruded sides length not updating

Visual glitch and wont effect your order. Saving and reloading the file or replying depth in the properties dialog should fix it.

WINDOWS - Failure To Launch Designer or Open Templates

There is an issue for some windows users where the install of Protocase Designer may be corrupted, and is missing certain important files. If this is happening use the link below to download an earlier working version of Protocase Designer.

Download Protocase Designer

Failure To Quote File with Imported STEP Components

As of version 5.6.6 there was a bug causing quotes to fail if there were any imported STEP components in the file. To fix this, please upgrade your version of Designer.

Mac Version Not Running

The fix is redownloading and installing Protocase Designer. The build for mac has been fixed since Aug 18, 2021. This issue appears to only effect new users.

DB-9 Library Cutout Minimum Thickness Error

Currently all DB-9 cutouts will display a "Minimum Metal Thickness" error saying cutouts are too close together and leave too little material to cut on our laser. This is a false error and can be ignored. This will be fixed in a future release.

USB Type A Library Cutout Not Selectable

In any versions earlier than 5.5, after placing a USB Type A cutout from the Designer library in a face, the user will be unable to select or delete the cutout. As a work around you can send your design file to and we can manually fix the cutouts in your design.

Green lines 3D rendering glitch

Currently we don't know why this is happening but it is only for some customers are having this problem. Please try to upgrade your drivers and if that doesn't work sent your debug log and what graphics card and drivers you are using to us.

Unable to select snap point for 3D Dimension Line after placing cutout

After placing a cutout in a face using the 2D editor, if you try to immediately create a 3D dimension line from that newly created cutout - the snap points will not be visible. To work around this, simply toggle the part off & on again using the Show/Hide Part tool on the right side of the editor and the snap points will be visible again.

Unable to Edit Face

We have received several reports of users not able to edit faces after reloading their designs. Currently we do not know why this only effects some. Please upgrade this was an issue before 5.3.28.

Quoting Non-Stock Material

While quoting non-stock material like 316 Stainless Steel, the pricing is not accurate. A warning will come up and let you know if a material is non-stock. Please contact our sale team at for accurate pricing.


If Protocase Designer does not launch make sure the App is inside the Applications folder.

Changes did not take affect

When placing a cutout or anything else, and the change just disappears, please check to see if your ERROR RESPONSE is set to ASK.

This can be found under Edit->Preferences->Editor Settings. With this set to ASK, see if the change comes up with an error response.

This is be fixed in an upcoming version.

Cutouts may shift when exported to DXF

There was an issue in limited cases where cutouts shifted when exported to DXF. This has been corrected as of Aug 2nd, 2019, but a small number of orders may have been affected. If you experience this issue, please contact your account manager.

5-sided enclosure welding

Designs using the 5-sided enclosure template do not include plug welding in the quote.

Won't launch on linux - Designer 4.9 sometimes wont launch on certain linux configurations

We have tested relatively vanilla builds of Ubuntu 18.04 and confirmed is working. Something about the user configuration causes unknown crashes however.

Default Ubuntu 18.04 Driver issue

There is an issue in JOGL that prevents the loading of Designer 4.7 on Ubuntu 18.04 with the default Nouveau graphics drivers. You may need to use the drivers supplied by your graphics card manufacturer to use Designer.

Issue when changing your home directory

In the latest version of Designer, there is an issue when changing your home directory to a root directory. (d:\, for example). This may cause Designer to freeze. Creating a directory off of the root and setting that to your home directory is the current workaround for that.

Running Designer on Linux with MESA

While running Designer on a Linux virtual machine with the latest version of MESA, we encountered a glXCreatePbuffer error. This is due to an issue in the graphics library used in Designer. Until this is resolved, we do not recommend running Designer with this combination of software.

Windows 10

There was an issue in Windows 10 Tablet Mode that would cause the Protocase Designer Menu Bar to be hidden.
This has been resolved in the latest Windows 10 automatic update.

Image Load Error for .JPG files

Some .JPG files do not import with the Java tools used for Protocase Designer.
If you receive an error message ("Unable to load image...") when attempting to place a .JPG file on a face, we recommend that you convert the .JPG to a bitmap format, such as .PNG.
If for any reason you cannot save the .JPG as a bitmap, one program that works very well for converting images is ImageMagick, which is free and runs with Unix, Mac OS X, iOS, and Windows.

Computer enclosure templates

The computer enclosure templates allow you to specify dimensions that are below the minimum sizes required to accommodate the cutouts or PEM layouts.

Computer enclosure welding

In the ATX and Mini-ITX templates, both the Has Seam Welds and Has Tack Welds options can be selected. If both are selected, Protocase will perform only the seam welds.

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