Using L-Shape Enclosures for PCBs with Opposing Connectors

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For most computer enclosures, the U-Shape (clamshell) is the simplest to design and manufacture, and is fine to use when a component protrudes from adjacent sides. But if the enclosure is to accommodate a component that protrudes from opposite sides, such as a PCB with opposing connectors as shown below, the U Shape is not going to work.
L-shape or u-shape1new.png

Because the connectors protrude through each side of the enclosure, you cannot insert the PCB in a U Shape enclosure unless you stretch at least one enclosure side, in which case the enclosure will most likely be out of position when you bend it back.
L-shape or u-shape2.png
L-shape or u-shape3.png

If you use the two-piece L Shape enclosure instead, you can slide the board into the enclosure from one side without any bending, as follows.

  1. Here are the top and bottom pieces of an L Shape enclosure, and a PCB with protruding connectors:
    L-shape or u-shape4new.png
  2. Slide the PCB into the bottom piece:
    L-shape or u-shape5new.png
  3. Slide the top piece over the bottom piece with the PCB in place:
    L-shape or u-shape6new.png
  4. The completed enclosure:
    L-shape or u-shape7new.png