Potential Welding Delays

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How to Remove Welding from Your Design

  • Go back to Protocase Designer.
  • Open your design (.pda) file, if it's not already open.
  • Go to the Properties and uncheck "Has Seam Welds."
  • In the Menu Bar at the top of the window click "View" -> "View Notes"
  • Now add a note in saying "I do not want welding."
  • Once complete, you can save your enclosure and requote. Note: You will still get a warning about welding, but you can ignore it. Your price estimate will not be accurate at this point. A Protocase Account Manager will contact you about the changes to your design, and issue you an accurate quote.

Alternatively, you can also send your Protocase Designer Assembly (.pda) file to info@protocase.com or directly to your Protocase Account Manager.

In some cases, our Engineering & Design Services team will assess your design and determine welding may still be required. You will be contacted to review the design changes and provide final approval.