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Video Tutorials & Helpful Resources

An Introduction Tutorial to Protocase Designer
An in-depth introduction to our Protocase Designer 3D Enclosure Design software.
How to Place Basic Cutouts Using the Face Editor
This tutorial will go over the basics of adding cutouts to your enclosure or part.
How to Create a Key Slot Cutout in Protocase Designer
Key slot cutouts are required for adding various accessories to your enclosure, such as toggle switches.
How to Use the Locking Feature
Demonstrating how to lock objects, or a group of objects, inside the face editor. These objects could be cutouts, fasteners, standoffs, images and more.
Understanding the Coordinate System and 2D Measurements
Learn how to measure the distance between two objects on a face and get a basic understanding of how the coordinate system works.
How to Add Countersinks into Your Design
Countersinks create flush surfaces between your metal and fasteners, and can be especially helpful for providing sufficient clearance.
How to Use Masking, Exclusions and Constructs
This tutorial will show how to use shapes to add masking, exclusions and constructs to your design.
How to Import an SVG File in Protocase Designer
The following tutorial will give an overview on how to add an SVG file to your design for graphics.
Creating Vent Slot Cutouts in Protocase Designer
The following tutorial shows a few different ways to create standard vent slots in Protocase Designer.
How to Create Custom Cutouts Using the Face Editor
Using the face editor’s advanced options for custom cutouts, built-in cutouts, hardware and the cutout library.
How to Add Digital Print and Silkscreen Graphics
Protocase Designer will allow you to add digitally printed graphics as well as silkscreening.
How to Export an IGES File from Protocase Designer
Learn how to export your Protocase Designer Assembly file (PDA) as an IGES file and import into Solidworks 2018.
How To Quote and Purchase with Protocase Designer
This tutorial will go over how to quote and order your design within the Protocase Designer software.
How to create a Double-D Cutout
Double-D cutouts are commonly needed for bulkhead crimp jacks (to hold connectors) and cam lock metal punches.
More Resources
Protocase Designer
User Forum
We set up this forum as a support channel for Protocase Designer users. You can ask questions, share experiences, report bugs, and check enhancements.
More Resources
Protocase Designer Wiki
Our comprehensive wiki provides everything from technical papers on enclosure design to step-by-step tutorials and Protocase manufacturing overviews
More Resources
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