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Traditional CAD Software Doesn’t Fit Fast Custom Manufacturing

Whether you’re developing new technology or doing short manufacturing runs, any latency in getting the custom electronic enclosures designed and built will kill your momentum.

Traditional CAD software is difficult to translate from design to real parts in your hand, because the software doesn’t embody manufacturing constraints. Plus, it’s not set up for fast quoting. Every part of the design process is slower, and your project timelines suffer.

That’s why we created a simple design software that’s directly integrated with our fast custom manufacturing.

Traditional CAD
Protocase Designer
Base Templates to Customize
Manufacturability Design Checks
Instant Quoting
Online Ordering

Protocase Designer saves you time in every part of the design, quote and manufacturing process.

Streamline Your Workflow

No Starting from Scratch

Save time by starting with a template

Customize with Confidence

Know your design can be manufactured by using real-time design checks

Quote & Order Instantly

Quote as you go and order right from the software

Spend less time and energy by designing and ordering custom electronic enclosures in Protocase Designer. Get started in minutes.

Over 168,000 Downloads Since 2006

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Engineers and innovators choose Protocase Designer, because they are motivated by two key things:

1) They need to get their project finished as fast as humanly possible.
2) They want their project to look fully professional.

Whether you’re developing new technology or doing short manufacturing runs, any latency in getting to a finished first product will kill your momentum. We know the frustration of having to stall your development so you can study a vendor’s fabrication constraints and then make adjustments to your design.

Protocase Designer changes the game. Our software takes away all of the guesswork for designing manufacturable electronic enclosures. You’ll save precious time that you can use to keep pushing your project forward, and get your fully finished enclosures in your hand faster.

What Our Customers Say

“Developing a standard enclosure via Protocase Designer with its parameterized sizing afforded complete design flexibility. It was very easy. Obtaining an automated quote within seconds was very helpful.”

John A. Forish
MonTech USA

“It is very easy to use. I can whip out a panel in an hour or so, and get it constructed, painted and lettered quickly and with very little work on my part.”

Steve Milner
W. M. Keck Observatory

"Literally the most satisfying design experience I've ever had - amazing how little time it took!"

Jeremy Mackie
Make Your Cart Go

"Design software is great, product is finished well, and shipping times are impressive."

Kelly Vannett

“As an experimental physicist, I’m not an expert on electronics or fabrication. I really like Protocase Designer because it’s very easy to use.”

Kenneth Libbrecht
California Institute of Technology

“The ability to go into Protocase Designer and do precise measurements was really important. I could technically do that in Illustrator or AutoCAD, but those aren’t really optimized for what I needed to do."

Jerry Whitaker
Whitaker Audio

“I think the ease of getting a quote is also extremely helpful when we are trying to come up with estimating the cost for our future builds.”

Fernando Romero
Iron Age Audioworks