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What is Protocase Designer?

Protocase Designer is free 3D CAD software that makes designing a custom enclosure, panel or component extremely easy. The software offers dozens of templates for enclosures, panels and brackets, each customizable by material, size, color and more. Choose the template that matches your requirements, then immediately begin working with a blank 3-D model. Start editing by adding cutouts, mounting hardware, labelling and graphics until your design is exactly how you want. At any time in your design, get a real-time instant quote. When you're ready, order your design online and we'll build it in 2-3 days, with no minimum order.

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What Our Customers Say

"From the start, your software was easy to pick up and learn (being that I work with Creo on a daily basis, it wasn't difficult), to the ordering process - it all went smoothly." Brian F. Massey
John Hopkins University
"It is a great tool to work with, simple yet straight forward interface, very easy for beginners. I was able to start a new design just in minutes. I like the cut-out libraries a lot, which further reduce the design time and processes. It took me about half an hour to finish the design that was sent to you for manufacturing." Juanjuan Liao
"We originally started designing the dock system using Solidworks CAD software. Once we realized the abilities of the Protocase Designer software, we switched entirely to designing these pieces in Protocase Designer." Michael Spinelli
StrongArm Technologies
"Without ever using [Protocase Designer] software before, I was able to use the 3D viewing capabilities to easily select and customize the enclosure template that best fit our needs. Everything worked great, from order acknowledgement through to shipment - Protocase has been really great to work with." Mark Dudzinski
Light the World
"The majority of the design work was completed using Protocase Designer, as it's quick and easy to use. When there have been complexities to the design not covered by the software's templates, Protocase has been very flexible in the ability to work with emailed descriptions, sketches or other CAD system files." Rich Littlewood
Diamond Light Source

Why Use Protocase Designer?

  • Robust, Yet Easy

    Includes dozens of CAD templates and a vast library of cutouts and hardware.

  • Instant Pricing & Ordering

    Get real-time quotes and order your design with just one click.

  • Built in 2 - 3 Days

    Seamlessly integrated with Protocase's industry-leading rapid manufacturing process.

Rapid Design Meets Rapid Manufacturing

Protocase Designer is professional-grade, free 3D CAD enclosure design software that enables you to achieve in minutes what normally takes hours. Design complete custom metal electronics enclosures, panels or sheet metal parts exactly to your specifications, with real-time pricing as you go. Once you've ordered your custom design online, Protocase builds it in 2-3 days, with no minimum order whatsoever. Protocase Designer's built-in intelligence and alignment with Protocase's manufacturing capabilities allows you to design only what can be manufactured, saving you the time and hassle of the usual cycle of design submission and revision.

  • Start
    with a

  • Customize
    the Material,
    Size & Color

  • Add Cutouts,
    Hardware &

  • Automatic

  • Get an

  • Submit

  • Built
    2-3 Days

About Protocase

Protocase believes that our customers shouldn't have to wait weeks for professional-quality custom enclosures, panels and components, so we developed an ultra-lean manufacturing process that is unmatched anywhere else in the industry. How can we custom manufacture your designs in 2-3 days? We've eliminated the downtime between manufacturing stages, as well offer ample in-stock material and components, and make sure to have excess capacity on hand as we grow. In this way, we consistently deliver a 2-3 day turnaround (subject to certain restrictions), with no minimum orders.

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