How to Download and Install

Protocase Designer is meant to be experienced on desktop.

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  • Terms of Use

    This fully operational version of Protocase Designer is provided free of charge under the terms of our end user license agreement. Upon installation, you may begin to design enclosures immediately, but we do ask that you register your installation in order to receive price quotes, or place orders (registration is free of charge).

  • Install / Uninstall Instructions

    Click here for Install & uninstall details for Windows, Mac & Linux.

Version Information

The requirements for running Protocase Designer are:
RAM - Minimum: 4GB RAM - Recommended: 8GB or more.
Video - Opengl 1.2+ compatible video card.
Hard Disk Space - 600MB
CPU - Intel® and AMD® processors. (P4-class cpu recommended, P3 minimum) - Recommended: 3.3 GHz or more
Operating System - Windows 7 or newer (64 bit), Mac OSX 10.6 or newer, or Linux
Running Protocase Designer without Administrator Privileges Try our forums!