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Self Clinching Fasteners Information

The available self clinching fasteners are nuts, studs, and standoffs (see for details).

  • Stud and Standoff heights are measured from the outside of the case so when measuring the height one does not need to take into account metal thickness.
  • When placing a self clinching fastener, the default orientation is facing the inside of the case. To change this, either press the middle mouse button before placing or right click on the fastener after placing and de-select the "faces inside of case" option.
  • Self Clinching Fasteners cannot be placed too close to an edge. This includes cutouts that you place on your box. However, there is not a single distance rule that works - every part has its own restrictions. If there is any doubt about a part - say it is close to a cutout - contact to find out if it can be placed. For instance, a larger fastener may have a limitation of not being closer than .4" (10 mm) from an edge whereas a smaller fastener may have a limit around .23" (6 mm).
  • has a list of screw sizes vs diameters. The major diameter is the outside diameter of the screw itself (not the head) so if you are trying to mount a board that has .125 holes, you would choose for instance a 4-40 standoff (You wouldn't choose the 5-40 because the screw would bind in the hole)