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Aluminum is corrosion resistant and light weight.

It has a lower structural stiffness than steel (about 1/3), which must be compensated for by thicker gauge.

Powdercoat, No Finish or Grained Finish

Typically, stainless steel fasteners are used with aluminum. However, in some cases, zinc-plated fasteners are used, depending on the application.

Additional Notes for Fasteners with Aluminum: Aluminum fasteners are very soft and therefore have low physical durability. As a result, we do NOT stock them. However, there are some applications where they are useful, such as parts that have service in corrosive liquids such as salt water. Other combinations of dissimilar metals can cause galvanic corrosion.

Stocked Aluminum alloy (Sheet Metal)

5052 Aluminum - H32

5052 Aluminum is optimal for sheet metal work and is very easy to form at room temperature. This material is very bendable, and can therefore handle tight radii. A non-heat treatable alloy, 5052 aluminum is readily welded by conventional methods. It has good forming characteristics and good corrosion resistance, including resistance to salt water. 5052 aluminum is also relatively easy to machine.

Note: See caution on gauges.
Gauge Thickness
  (0.250" | 6.35 mm)
  (0.188" | 4.78 mm)
8 gauge (0.1285" | 3.26 mm)
10 gauge (0.102" | 2.59 mm)
11 gauge (0.091" | 2.31 mm)
12 gauge (0.081" | 2.06 mm)
14 gauge (0.064" | 1.63 mm)
16 gauge (0.051" | 1.30 mm)
18 gauge (0.040" | 1.02 mm)
20 gauge (0.032" | 0.81 mm)
6061 Aluminum - T6

Aluminum is a general-purpose alloy commonly used in extrusions, and is also available in sheet metal. However, it is not recommended for sheet metal work because it tends to crack on the outside radii once it passes its yield (and therefore requires a much larger radii to be able to bend properly). 6061 aluminum is also very easy to machine.

Gauge Thickness
  (0.1285" | 3.26 mm)
  (0.188" | 4.78 mm)
  (0.250" | 6.35 mm)
  (0.375" | 9.53 mm)
  (0.500" | 12.7 mm)

Note: Gauges are typically not used when specifying aluminum as the actual thickness of the aluminum is more internationally recognized. It starts at sheet by thickness and migrates into plate at the thicker end of the scale.

Stocked Aluminum Alloy (Angle) - for CNC Milling and Welding

Aluminum Angle, also known as Structural Aluminum Angle, is a lightweight, corrosion-resistant extruded aluminum product with inside radius corners. Aluminum Angle is often used for structural applications where greater strength is required, such as braces and supports. This product is easily welded and CNC machined.

Stocked Aluminum Alloy
Size Inside Radius Alloy
(1" x 1" x 1/8" | 25.40 mm x 25.40 mm x 3.18 mm) 0.125 6061-T6
(2" x 2" x 3/16" | 50.80 mm x 50.80 mm x 4.76 mm) 0.1875 6061-T6

Stocked Aluminum alloy (Bar Stock) - for CNC Milling

Note: Aluminum Bar Stock is currently not available in Protocase Designer. Please contact your Account Manager for more information

We offer 3-axis vertical milling of bar stock in aluminum.

Work holding is typically with the use of precision machine vices and clamps. With this service we can produce a wide variety of machined parts and enclosures.

Stocked Aluminum Bar Stock
Size Alloy
(1/2" x 3/4" | 12.70mm x 19.05mm) 6061-T6
(1/2" x 1" | 12.70mm x 25.4mm) 6061-T6
(1/2" x 2" | 12.70mm x 50.80mm) 6061-T6
(1/2" x 4" | 12.70mm x 101.60mm) 6061-T6
(3/4" x 3/4" | 19.05mm x 19.05mm) 6061-T6
(3/4" x 2" | 19.05mm x 50.80mm) 6061-T6
(3/4" x 4" | 19.05mm x 101.60mm) 6061-T6
(1-1/2" x 2" | 38.10mm x 50.80mm) 6061-T6
(1-1/2" x 3" | 38.10mm x 76.20mm) 6061-T6
(1" x 2" | 25.40mm x 50.80mm) 6061-T6511
(1" x 4" | 25.40mm x 101.60mm) 6061-T6511
(1" x 6" | 25.40mm x 152.40mm) 6061-T6
(2" x 2" | 50.80mm x 50.80mm) 6061-T6511
(2" x 3" | 50.80mm x 76.20mm) 6061-T6511
(3" x 3" | 76.20mm x 76.20mm) 6061-T6