About Protocase Designer

Imagine designing custom electronic enclosures that you know can actually be built. Protocase Designer makes it possible.

So, why did we feel the need to build Protocase Designer?

When Protocase started in the early 2000s, our mission was to help engineers and innovators develop new technology and complete short production runs as quickly as possible. We created a mass custom manufacturing process that by building custom enclosures, panels and parts in 2-3 days, with no minimum order.

We knew the easier we could make the entire process of designing, quoting and ordering, the better. Slow, arduous designing and latencies in quoting stifle and kill innovation, so why not create a streamlined way to design?

So, we developed our own design software with electronic enclosure templates that were directly integrated with our mass custom manufacturing capabilities. Its beginning was pretty humble, with just a few templates and a simple interface.

But the core of Protocase Designer has been there from the start – simple designing, fast quoting and integrated ordering with our fast custom manufacturing.

Protocase Designer Timeline


First discussions at Protocase about developing a CAD software


Protocase Designer is released! Panels, U-Shape, L-Shape, Rackmount templates are included in the initial software launch


2008_3D Viewer of Protocase Designer.png

2008 3D Viewer of Protocase Designer


Protocase Designer 4.0 is released, with the addition of consolet and select bracket templates.

2011_PD 4 is Released.PNG

2011 PD 4 is Released


5-Sided Enclosure templates added

Rackmount with Mounting Brackets added


Step-Down Rackmount templates added

Recessed Consolet templates added


L Bracket with Flanges templates added


ITX and ATX Case templates added

2015_Celebrating the release of Protocase Designer's new ITX and ATX case templates.jpg

2015 Celebrating the release of Protocase Designer's new ITX and ATX case templates


Ability to add Pockets to your enclosure introduced

Array tool for quickly creating patterns of your design components introduced

Ability to export to STEP files for archiving purposes introduced


2U Aluminum Extruded Enclosure templates added


Protocase Designer 5.0 is released with the ability to import circuit boards and other components into your design


Show Coordinates Tool added

5-Sided Enclosure with Hinge templates added

2021_PD 5 View of Face Editor.png

2021 PD 5 View of Face Editor


Protocase Designer 6.0 is released, with new streamlined user interface and speed improvements

Pelican Panel templates added

2D Nudge Tool added

2022_Celebrating the release of Protocase Designer 6.jpg

2022 Celebrating the release of Protocase Designer 6


Diecast Enclosure templates added

Flat Top Cover Rackmount templates added

About Protocase

Long lead times stifle projects. They let your focus and momentum drift away. Latencies complicate production runs and encourage inventory buildup. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

At Protocase, we’ve developed a unique mass custom manufacturing process that’s ultra-fast, flexible and easy. Get custom enclosures and parts in 2-3 days, with no minimum order. More than 18,000 engineers, researchers and innovators all over the world choose Protocase to keep their projects moving.

Revolutionize your workflow and simplify your part sourcing with the world’s fastest custom manufacturer.

Learn more about Protocase’s manufacturing process.